Me in the Sky

The Clouds From Underneath

Because I can never go for very long without planning some kind of travel-related adventure, I’m taking a small trip to Indianapolis this weekend to see a friend. I’ve been promised a visit to a pumpkin patch, so I’m expecting that there will be plenty to write about.

I’m flying U.S. Airways, and, as a coincidence, one of my pieces happens to be featured in their in-flight magazine this month. So yes, I’ll be the girl walking off the plane in Indiana with four copies stuffed into my carry-on. You can read the piece here—it’s about a strange/wonderful afternoon I had in London—but it’s a more glamorous experience if you read it from 30,000 feet off the ground. If you happen to be flying U.S. Airways this month, please keep an eye out for me. (My piece starts on p. 24.)

Happy travels!


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