A New Manifesto

As a traveler, you do not occupy any kind of moral high ground.
Places don’t exist for you and owe you nothing.
Your view is worth something, but it isn’t the only view.
Don’t take photos of strangers or their children.
Don’t gawk at poverty or tragedy. And if you’re genuinely out to learn or understand something, be discreet, polite, and utterly unintrusive.
Do your damn homework.
Always look for context.
Check your privilege. Always.
You don’t need a ton of money to travel — but it helps if you spend what you have wisely.
Stop overpacking. You don’t need all that shit.
Don’t expect famous sites to be uncrowded.
Things will go wrong.
If your relationship with someone is strained, don’t travel with them.
Everywhere is someone’s home.
Everything is travel.

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